February 10, 2020

Safety and data security is important when using a CRM platform. Here at Kommo we take this matter very seriously, and that’s why we provide methods for you to ensure the safety of your data.

Data Backup

We secure all Kommo customer data and use all means possible to ensure that your data is safe. Once every 24 hours an automatic backup of all of your data is transferred to a secure and encrypted external drive, which makes it possible to restore the system even in critical situations.

You can also create a backup of data yourself by exporting the data, and with the Enterprise Plan you can also automate this procedure.

To create a backup of data yourself, you would go to the Settings section of Kommo and then go to the General Settings section. Here at the bottom of the menu you’ll find a section which is called “Backup”.

The backup option allows you to receive all the data from your account at any time and there is also the option to set a periodic backup. The backup is generated between 4 PM and 4 AM GMT based on the day of the request. When backup is ready, you will be notified by email.

To set up automatic backups on a weekly or monthly basis, click on the option “Create a backup”. Within the drop down menu, you will have three options: Weekly, Monthly, Never - which will create backups automatically once a week, once a month or never accordingly.

Also you can click on the option “Generate backup today”. Once clicked, the creation of backup will begin immediately. As previously stated, once the backup has been generated you’ll be notified by email.

Just beneath the “Generate backup today” button you will find a list of backups previously created with date of creation, specific backup provided, and an option to download.

Whitelist of IP addresses

In Kommo it is possible to restrict access to your Kommo account based on a Whitelist of IP addresses, so that only trusted users can connect to your account.

To do so, please open the Users sub-section of the Kommo Settings menu. You would click “three dots” near “Add user” button, and then click on Whitelist of IP addresses option


Here in Trusted IP addresses, please fill in the IP addresses that can access this Kommo account, and also please be sure to add your current IP address to prevent the situation of being locked out of your account.

There is also an additional option in this menu which will help you to block API requests from untrusted IP addresses. You can tick the check-box API requests to block them, after that click “Save” and you’ll be good to go.

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