Google Sheets Integration

May 22, 2020

Google forms and spreadsheets are a popular tool for companies to gather and store all kinds of useful data.

With the Google sheets integration you can connect your forms and sheets directly in the Kommo pipeline. Whenever the form has been filled out, the sheet is updated with data and a new lead is automatically created in Kommo. 😎

How to install & use

Installing is simple and takes just a few clicks: 👇

  • In the pipeline go to Setup
  • Click 'Add source'
Add source Google Sheets

  • Select Google Sheets, then click on Install and Sign In
Sign in Google Sheets in Kommo

  • Sign in and authorize the Google account which you want to connect.
Authorize Google Sheets in Kommo

  • You will be able to select the spreadsheet you want to link to the pipeline.
Link Google Sheet to pipeline

  • Match the sheet columns with lead card fields and choose the stage where new leads will be created. Kommo will automatically grab the data every time there is a new entry in the spreadsheet and create a lead.
Zoom users in Kommo

  • The integration is successfully connected and new leads will appear in the selected pipeline stage.

Useful tips:

  • The integration works only for data submitted after Google sheets has been added in Kommo. Leads will not be created for data already present in the sheet.
  • Changing the structure of the columns after the sheet has been integrated in the pipeline can lead to unsuccessful import of data. If you make changes to the structure of the sheet, make sure to remove and then reconnect it to the pipeline.
  • An empty row is considered as the end of a sheet, if there is an empty row data below will not be imported in Kommo.

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