Engagement Page

February 12, 2020

Engagement page is a new feature in Kommo that makes it even easier for your customers to reach out to you via messengers.

Setting up Engagement page

To set up an engagement page, open Kommo then go to Leads. After that, open settings at the top right.


After that click on add source


After clicking add source, click on the engagement button, or you can click on an already existing engagement button in your lead sources. Here at the top you can choose Engagement button or Engagement page at the top section of Engagement button menu. By clicking Engagement page, you will see a menu for the Engagement page.

Customizing Your Engagement Page


You can select a background color or background image for your engagement page, select the color and size of the header, embed a small image for the logo at the top section of the engagement page and choose which messengers will be used on it.

Note: Engagement page will have the same messengers that you have on the Engagement button.

When it comes to text customization, you can use Contact name or Responsible user name in both text sections (header and body), you can also select text for each messenger. Otherwise, it will default to the name of the messenger (i.e. Instagram, FB messenger, etc.)

You can also preview how the page will look on desktop or mobile.

At the bottom section of these settings in Kommo, you will find control information about the engagement page. This is the link to the page. You can also set up text which will be visible when the link to your engagement page is sent to a client.


Using engagement page

To send a client your engagement page, send them the link to it via the lead or customer card. To get your engagement page link easily, you can open a lead or customers card. On the left section of the card, you will find “three dots” at the top. Click on the three-dot menu, and you’ll see an engagement page option. Click on it and engagement page URL will be copied.


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