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Seamlessly import your orders and products

Shopify Integration

By integrating your Shopify Store to Kommo, you will gain a number of useful features:

  • Import your orders, customers, and products from your Shopify shop.
  • Embed live chat in your Shopify shop.
  • Bring together messengers, email, SMS, and live chat in one inbox shared with your whole team.
  • Complete client info, such as contacts, tasks and notes, or take actions like chats and calls, right in the lead profile.
  • Automate sales and communication with tools like Salesbot, templates and more.

❤️Why do Kommo users love Shopify?

The Shopify platform is one of the most popular and successful e-commerce solutions available.

Kommo and Shopify users can collect leads from Shopify stores then keep conversations going with tools like automated messages, chat templates and a visual bot builder.

❤️Why Shopify users love Kommo?

With its Messenger-Based approach to sales - which leverages the power of messaging to increase sales and build customer loyalty - Kommo will change the way you sell. By connecting Shopify to Kommo, users unlock unparalleled messenger functionality and automation. Plus, you can easily monitor everything that is happening in your store and watch as your sales increase!

Why Kommo and Shopify are better together?🤜🤛

Combining Shopify with Kommo makes it easier to communicate with your store’s customers! Using Kommo and Shopify, you can talk with your customers in a way that’s comfortable and convenient for them. You can connect with potential customers right from the first interaction all the way to an in-store purchase, and beyond—and do it all on a platform equipped with the tools that make the process simple for both you and your customers.

💡Cool ways to use Shopify and Kommo

Synchronize your Shopify orders, customers and products with your Kommo account. Keep track of your store's customers and communicate with them at any time!

How to connect Shopify🔌

First, you need to create a shop in Shopify ( Then, find the Kommo App in the Shopify App Store and install it. Finally, you will need to create a Kommo account or log in to your existing Kommo account.

⚒️What do you need?

  • Shopify Base Plan
  • Kommo Base plan