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Capture web visitors and keep the conversation going with Intercom and Kommo

Intercom Integration

The Intercom integration adds new features to your account:

  • Transform engaged browsers into valuable customers
  • Lead profiles are created instantly in Kommo
  • Seamlessly connect your marketing and sales teams

❤️ Why do Kommo users love Intercom?

Kommo users love Intercom for its revolutionary messenger-based features that supercharge sales and marketing efforts. No more copy-paste from one department to another. The Intercom + Kommo integration closes the gap when transitioning your lead from marketing to sales, providing a completely seamless buying experience.

❤️ Why do Intercom users love Kommo?

Intercom users love Kommo to seamlessly integrate real-time conversations with web visitors into their sales strategy. When a website visitor connects through Intercom, a lead profile is created in Kommo, which notifies you and allows you to engage fast. It’s also a breeze for your visitor: the Intercom widget on your website allows them to roam across your website and beyond, keeping the conversation right there for them when they’re ready to talk.

Intercom & Kommo — better together 🤜🤛

When you integrate Intercom with Kommo, the possibilities are endless. Capture web visitors and maintain real-time conversations within your Kommo account. It's the easiest way to transform engaged browsers into valuable customers.

💡 Cool ways to use Intercom and Kommo

Automation doesn’t end once your leads are transitioned from marketing to sales team. Now you can work alongside any bots in Intercom to continue automating your sales pipeline. In just a few clicks, Kommo’s powerful automation can change the lead’s stage in the pipeline, fill out and update information in the lead card, set a task for a sales rep or send your customer a message.

How to connect Intercom 🔌

To install the Intercom integration on Kommo, you’ll first need an Intercom account. Once you’ve got one, in your Kommo account go to Settings > Integrations and select Intercom. Install the integration and log in with your Intercom account. Then, simply authorize the connection and match Intercom and Kommo users.

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Kommo base plan or higher
  • Intercom account