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August 24, 2017

2 min.

Meet the brand new built-in webform builder! We didn’t just slap a fresh coat of paint on the old one—this one was completely redesigned from the ground up. It’s more beautiful, easier to use, and brimming with new features.

Since webforms are an ultra important lead gen source, we’d like to give you a tour, so you can get your webforms up and running asap. And in case you’ve already created forms with the old constructor, there’s good news for you too: you can convert your old forms and take advantage of everything the new builder has to offer.

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Super easy field mapping & set up

The most important aspect of your webform is its ability to translate user answers into the right fields in their Kommo lead card. The form builder makes this intuitive. Just drag the Kommo field to the form and then rename it what you want the lead to see. You can customize your fields further by:

  • Selecting where to position the field’s text in relation to the answer box: to the left, above, or inside
  • Choosing whether require an answer
  • Customize example answer text
Editing fields

Great design options

Offering you the opportunity to create a beautiful webform was always on our radar, but now we’ve expanded your options. We’ve added 6 built-in themes for you to choose from. But if you want to design it yourself, that’s cool too: you can choose from any colors and select your font.

  • Like before, you can add your logo and choose its position
  • Now you can add line breaks to group sections of fields together
  • Change the color and text of the form’s submission button
  • For complete customization, paste your own CSS code
Customize lead button

Aaamazing new tags feature

Now you can add tags so every webform lead is marked for instant identification and easy sorting. But even better—you can create nurture sequences in Digital Pipeline to target leads with exactly that tag! That means you can create automation scenarios to immediately start nurturing webform leads the moment they hit the submit button.

Tag creation

Incoming leads you want to work with

Previously, form entries weren’t the most sophisticated leads in the pipeline. But now, they give even the best ones a run for their money.

  • Choose the pipeline and pipeline stage to send prospects to!
  • Select a responsible user
  • Create an automatic task for follow up
Choosing pipeline and stage

Placing your form

After that, you’ve got two easy options for making your form public:

  • Embed the form directly on your website. It’s as easy as pasting the code into your website’s html.
  • Share your form with a link. Totally customizable and no technical knowledge necessary!

So, get out there and start building your perfect webform!

Webform information

P.S. Are you a webform lead gen master? What are your tricks? Share in the comments below!

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