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Ultra Easy Data Import

July 28, 2017

2 min.

Moving between CRM and spreadsheet is crucial for many businesses, so we wanted to make it as painless as possible. We’ve simplified the process with easy field mapping and template creation, so after you import once, the next time is a breeze.


Linked data makes it easy

First, a little background. In Kommo, your database is made up of 4 types of entries: contacts, leads, companies and customers. Each type gets its own personal profile, but they’re also linked. This gives you the freedom to work with each separately, but also navigate to the others in one click.

Ultra Easy Data Import


The great thing about Kommo’s linked profiles is that you can import from any of the sections (leads, contacts, companies or customers) and cards will be created in each. That means when you import the contact Charles Dickens, the system can also create a company card for his business Two Cities Inc., and a lead card for the project, Design a Book Cover. And they’ll all be linked.

Just go to any of the sections and press the ··· button and select import.

Kommo data import

Formatting data

Kommo accepts the most popular file formats:

  • Excel pre-2007 (.xls)
  • Excel post-2007 (.xlsx)
  • OpenDocument spreadsheet (.ods)
  • Comma separated file (.csv)

Note that if your file includes any dates, you should convert the file to a .csv in order for the system to correctly work with it. To do so in Excel, just click “save as” and select file type CSV.

Field mapping

Next, you want to make sure that the data from your spreadsheet ends up in the right fields in Kommo. All you have to do is select the Kommo field that matches each of your columns. You can also leave out individual columns if you don’t need that data in Kommo.

Another cool thing—you can assign tags. This would be great if you, for example, wanted to get a sample of all the leads that were imported in July or from a certain campaign. The most awesome part is that after all that hard work, you can save it as a template to make import seamless next time.

Filling fields import data

What's next

Importing is only one way to get leads into the system. Kommo comes with a whole host of automations and features that grab new leads instantly from your lead generation sources to eliminate manual entry.

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