Meet the new version of Kommo

November 28, 2017

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Meet the new version of Kommo

In this new release, we decided not to not bombard our users with new features, but instead to improve what we’ve got and make using Kommo better for our customers. Some people think new releases are about wowing you with quantity, but for us, it’s all about quality.

We checked every feature, redesigned and rethought some of them and came up with a better solution for growing your sales.

Here’s a brief list of 5 major changes you’ll see in the new version of Kommo.

1. Separate Incoming Leads for Each Pipeline

One-size-fits-all lead nurture is not very effective. After all, a person who was surfing Facebook and clicked your ad is totally different from a person who researched your brand on a product-review website.

In the past, all new prospects landed in a single incoming leads column: all eggs in a single basket. Frankly, it was a mess: it meant that all new leads were mixed together, even though they were attracted by different messages on different mediums and had different pain-points and levels of awareness. But now you have the power to choose exactly which sources of leads will land in each pipeline.

Kommo lead capture sources

This is awesome for segmenting leads from the get-go. For example, perhaps your prospects that come in via webform are more informed and ready to buy than those from your Facebook ad campaign. Just create one pipeline that catches and converts webform leads and another pipeline that grabs and nurtures Facebook leads! After that, it’s all automatic.The next logical step is automating each pipeline to fit its lead source, and once you do that, you give your prospects a truly personalized buyer journey.

Use-it-now tip

I would classify my lead sources based on where they are in the marketing funnel and then create 3 pipelines: top-of-funnel leads, middle-of-funnel leads & bottom of funnel. The TOFU pipeline would be full of automations to display retargeting ads and provide content about my target market’s pain-points in general, the MOFU pipeline would then introduce solutions and guides for choosing, then the BOFU pipeline would be full of automations to help my team make the hard sell.


2. No-bother Notifications

Notifications can be super annoying, but ignoring important alerts is a bad habit to get into. That’s why we improved them.

Now Kommo notifications are super customizable. Just click what’s important to you and where you want to receive the notification. That’s it!

Kommo notifications setup

Use-it-now tip

Get a daily report about incoming leads or get notified immediately when a lead goes to the most important stage of your pipeline. Or if you’re all about tasks, track follow-ups instead!

3. Filterable Profile Events

Wanna open a lead profile and see all your calls with the lead, but nothing else? Or how about all your chats, or maybe all completed to-dos? No more hour-long searches. Now you can easily filter all the changes that have ever happened in Kommo profiles, letting you see what you want and turn off everything else.

Kommo events

Use-it-now tip

If you have a sales team this makes it much easier for you to check their work and understand who did what in terms of the sales process.

4. A New Way to Automate in Digital Pipeline

We also gave the Digital Pipeline a makeover, giving it increased functionality and making it more user friendly.

Remember how you could create specific automation sequences for leads with particular tags? For example, giving “vip”-tagged leads the luxury lead warming treatment. Well, now you’re not limited to tags: you can create automation sequences based on the lead’s responsible user, sales value, or even your own custom fields. Even better, now you can mix and match multiple conditions to build much more sophisticated scenarios.

Kommo automations

Use-it-now tip

Imagine you’ve got two different offerings, for example a wine-of-the-month subscription and a beer-of-the-month subscription. Previously, you could create “wine”, “beer” and “both” tags and automate the whole pipeline for each of them separately.

But that’s old news. The new Kommo takes it a step further. Maybe you want to create different automations for subscriptions at different price points. For wines, you offer the new world package for $15 per month, the classic for $20 and the vintage for $50; for beers, something similar.

With the new Kommo, you can put a whole new twist on your automations. Throw in a discount for your high value subscriptions leads who are taking longer to decide. Cross-sell a couples pack to leads who have indicated that they’re currently in relationships on their Facebook profiles. The only limit is your imagination!

5. New Analytics

We’ve shifted the whole Stats panel. Now checking your sales department’s status goes much, much smoother. There are new graphs, new charts, and a new type of user analysis. The “Report by Activities” section is now sortable, with movable columns that make it easy to understand who did what. We’ve also added a report for the customer pipeline, as well as an activity log that contains all the dirty details about everything that happened in Kommo.

Kommo analytics

Use-it-now tip

Do you know why you lose prospects? Use the win-loss analysis to check the conversion rates and time spent in each stage. If anything sticks out, you’ll want to do an audit of the buyer’s experience and find out what’s going wrong.

What else is new?

We’ve made all kinds of other little tweaks to make using Kommo a great experience. What would you like to see in the next release? Tell us in the comments below!!

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