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Own a Small Biz? Invest in CRM

September 11, 2017

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Own a Small Business? Invest in IT Services

First, I just gotta say this to all the small businesses out there: You are important. A recent study by G2 Crowd shows that small business are extremely vital: “Small businesses are the core of the US and global economy. In 2013 there were 28.8 million small businesses, versus 18,600 large enterprises in the United States” (read the full report) here. As you can see, the difference in numbers is staggering. Small businesses have a serious impact on the economy and drive it forward.

The staggering difference

Small businesses, however, often face serious challenges that large ones don’t. In particular, there is the large burden of financial expenditure and maintenance. Managing Information Technology (IT) is one such difficulty. Consider, for example, that you own a bakery and instead of buying flour, you have to invest in a farm, plant the wheat, gather, grind and pack the flour before you can even use it. Imagine the astronomical cost and all the time lost.

Well, maintaining an in-house IT department is not so different. You, as the owner of a small business, could invest in creating an IT department to meet all your needs— hiring specialized IT employees, investing in hardware and software and managing the department. But, can you imagine how many resources this would drain? Why not get whatever kind of flour you want from whichever vendor you prefer instead of trying to produce it yourself? That is a much more cost effective solution. Small businesses already employ the strategy of investing in IT services, rather than building a department from the ground up, and so should you.

Don’t Be a Goliath — Compete Smarter

If they are to compete with larger companies, investing in IT services is crucial to small businesses because they have limited resources. Trusting the job to Software as a Service (saas) providers is by far the best solution. After all, if you don’t have a good reason to create your own mail servers, it makes much more sense to use Gmail or Outlook—services that are specialized in giving you the best mail possible.

And as we can see, over the past few years, there has been a documented rise small businesses investing in IT services. G2 Crowd’s study shows that: “...18% of businesses indicated that they will invest in software, cloud software and other IT systems.” That’s because it’s cheaper, easier to manage and removes a huge amount of the financial constraints that small businesses experience. In fact, if we look at how small businesses choose to invest in growth, we can see that they allocate the largest part of their investments to software and IT systems.

The staggering difference graphic

Invest in CRM

By now, you must be thinking: “Wow, I really should invest in IT services, ” and you’re right. When it comes to growing your client base and sales revenue, one of the most essential IT service for small businesses is Customer Relationship Management (CRM). According to Forbes , only 27% of potential customers are ever followed up with. Can you imagine that 73% of leads are lost simply because no one wrote or called them back!

CRM makes sure you don’t lose them. That’s why an increasing number of small businesses know that in order to grow, they need to invest in CRM solutions.

The staggering difference information

So, what is CRM exactly, you ask?

Basically, it’s an approach used by companies to maintain their interaction with current and potential clients. The goal of CRM is to build relationships with prospective clients (leads) and current customers in order to close more new sales and increase customer retention. In simple terms—to get their attention and win their hearts to drive profits up.

How does a piece of software help you earn more money? Easy. CRM...

  • Centralizes all client info and communications, so you know what goes on with every client and make a lasting impression when you contact
  • Makes it easy to contact clients across all channels (email, chat, calling)
  • Manages all tasks and keeps you notified
  • Automates marketing and sales processes to eliminate data entry and automatically nurture relationships

Current CRM platforms are mainly cloud based which is great for small businesses:

The cloud frees up more resources to invest in the growth of the business, it is a more cost-friendly economic model, opens up access to many systems and technologies that would not be affordable or even available for most small businesses.G2 Crowd, Small Business Crowd Views Report

Invest in our CRM: Kommo

Investing in CRM is a big decision but we want to make it easy for you. Here’s a few reasons why you should test drive Kommo.

  • It’s cloud-based, so you can access it anywhere.
  • It’s consistently ranked as a leading CRM company by G2 Crowd, Gartner, FinancesOnline and others.
  • Kommo is specifically targeted at small businesses, offering a simplified and easy-to-use platform.
  • It comes equipped with a huge number of features like our free web form constructor.

Kommo has competitive pricing that triples your Return on Investment, it’s perfect choice for small business owners. You can learn more about Kommo’s best features here!

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