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A day in the life of a Kommo user

January 24, 2018

3 min.


The alarm goes off. Groggy, you start your morning routine. Once you finish up your coffee, you head to work - time to sell them gardening tools! At the office, colleagues are discussing last night’s episode of your favorite TV show. It was... amazing. Then you shuffle over to your desk and power up your computer. The fan whirs and the system loads. Kommo online.

Incoming Leads

Kommo incoming leads

New leads — exactly what you want to see!

A day in the life of a Kommo user

First, there was an incoming call from a guy named Mike. Since you’ve got Twilio integrated, the voicemail was saved and attached to his lead profile. You listen to it: he asked for a price list, and you shall send him the price list. Done.

Next, a woman, Jenny, started a chat via Facebook Messenger. She wants to place an order. No need to open Facebook, you reply to her using Messenger straight from the lead profile. She instantly responds, and you’ve got yourself a new client. You move her lead card in the pipeline to the Closed-Won stage. Is there anything that can make it better?

Kommo input messaging

Yes, actually, there is! An automation you’ve set up that moves all won leads to the recurring sales pipeline as customers. No need to do it manually, just make sure your customers stay happy. Speaking of happy customers, you add a task to check on Jenny after the delivery. You spend more time replying to all the new leads, updating their profiles and making notes. Good thing you can reply to anyone within the system, whether these leads contacted you via Viber, Facebook, or any other platform integrated in Kommo.

The phone rings, and it’s time to turn this new lead into a customer. This lead is hard to get on board, but you succeed and schedule a follow up. Well done! When you hang up, a lead is automatically created and includes your recorded conversation. Neat.

amocrm leads tab


Hurray, you’ve done it all! Well, except for the existing leads, customers and other things you still need to do. Busy, huh? That’s why you need to work on today’s to-do list. Your sales manager has assigned one of her leads, Rick Simons, to you and moved him to the “follow up” stage. You pick up the phone and make the pitch. You might as well be Jordan Belfort, because Rick will definitely buy a batch next month!

deleting tasks

Look, there’s another prospect in the “follow up” stage, who asked you to notify them when your new product line is in stock. Happy customer, happy you.


Remember what we said — make sure your customers stay happy. So far you’ve dealt with prospective customers, and it’s time to move on to existing customers and make sure they are still interested in your products. So you make some edits to your newsletter and automate it to be sent to clients the following monday.

Then you create a special offer for your VIP customers and schedule it to be sent soon too, using the Mailchimp integration.

amocrm customers tab

But what about the feet-draggers, the ones who are late with their expected repurchase? You decide to write to them, saying how much you cherish their business and give them an incentive to purchase again. A discount sounds reasonable, why not.

Other tasks

Kommo Lead properties

It’s been a long day, but it’s not the time to go home yet! You decide to skim through your sales reps’ leads and make sure no one was left hanging. You use the search option to filter the pipeline to show you all the leads without tasks assigned. Good idea.

You found a few cold leads. No good! So you set a task for each responsible user to follow up. After all, a cold lead is a dead lead.

tasks in amocrm


Finally you can go home! You pull into a grocery store to pick up some snacks for your TV show viewing. It’s not your favorite TV show - that one was last night - but it’s still pretty good. You park your car and suddenly get a notification in your Kommo app: one of your leads is requesting a meeting to sign a big contract on Friday. What a great way to finish the day!

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