Consumer mindset: how to win in the era of convenience

December 20, 2019

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Convenience, what an amazing gift. It’s saving time, enduring minimal difficulty, and enjoying maximum efficiency. This amazing gift was previously something people would seek, and very much appreciate when found.

In 2019 it is an expectation, and if this expectation isn’t met there will likely be an uproar. So, businesses that interact with other people (yes, you too B2B) should certainly keep convenience at the top of mind.

So let’s take a closer look at the consumer mindset and the evolution of convenience, wins and losses of companies that have been through it, and how to win customers' hearts and loyalty .

The consumer mindset & the evolution of convenience

Although it may seem like we couldn’t live without all of the gadgets that make life simpler now, let’s think back to how we actually did. For example, let’s look at how we’d get directions to an ice cream parlor.

  • 1983 — You’d call 411 to get the number for a local ice cream parlor, you’d then call the parlor to get directions. You’d expertly hold the rotary phone receiver between your shoulder and ear, while you jotted down the directions.
  • 1999 — You’d let everyone in your household know to stay off the phone so you can use the internet, then you fire up Depending on your directional confidence level you’d print out your route or memorize the directions, and be on your way.
  • 2019 — You’d say ‘Hey Siri, take me to the closest ice cream shop’ and you’d immediately know if you needed to turn right or left.
  • 2027 — Maybe you’ll think ‘I’d like some ice-cream’ and your autonomous Telsa will automatically re-route itself and you’ll be in front of the ice cream shop before you’ve figured out what you’d like.

Triumphs and defeats

With this shift in consumer mindset and their expectations, companies had a choice to make: continue doing business the current way (because if it isn't broken, why fix it?) or get ahead of the curve and innovate around convenience.

Blockbuster is a prime example of failing due to complacency. Staying comfortable with their success caused Blockbuster to miss out on a huge opportunity to improve their customers experience.

The former CEO of Blockbuster, John Antioco met with the founder of Netflix in 2010 to discuss Netflix running Blockbuster videos online. Antioco denied the offer calling the idea of online streaming a ‘niche business’. Of course Netflix didn't let this stop them, and they optimized for user experience — providing a more convenient option than visiting your local blockbuster store.

Companies that constantly strategize on optimizing to improve user experience will be the last ones standing as the era of convenience continue to become more demanding.

Take Stockwell Ai for example, a startup that have convenience baked into their product.

Imagine a fancy vending machine stocked with all of the relevant things you need in the current space you’re in. If you’re at the gym you can find water bottles, headbands, socks and more conveniently available for purchase inside the Stockwell ‘store’. This company does a fantastic job of understanding consumer mindset and meeting their customers where they’re at to provide an exceptional customer experience.

An equation for a win-win

So, how does one stay ahead in the ever-changing era of convenience?

  • Relentlessly provide the best user experience possible
  • Talk to your customers. Get to understand their needs and why they love your product
  • Make sure customers have the information they need from you readily available
  • Meet customers where they’re at — don’t make them jump through hoops to get in touch with you

Although every person thinks in a certain way, the consumer mindset of shopping will keep on developing and changing into the direction of convenience. Expecting brands to meet customer needs will only keep on becoming more demanding, influencing the way purchase decisions are made.

What do you think about today’s demanding consumer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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