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November 9, 2016

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Capterra Awards Recognize

Capterra just released the annual CRM ranking report, which highlights the top 20 CRM systems across three categories - most popular, most user-friendly, and most affordable. This year Kommo not only made it on the top 20 list, we are in the top 10 for two categories, coming in at #9 for both most affordable and most user-friendly.

Capterra Awards Recognize crm software

To measure affordability, Capterra calculated the cost for a typical buyer to implement the 12 most common CRM features for use over a two year period. Kommo received 10/12 stars, and high marks in all three categories: functionality, overall quality, and value. We’re especially proud of our affordability score because it reflects our dedication to equipping small businesses with the technology to increase sales efficiency and build strong relationships with clients. That’s why we price Kommo starting at only $15 per month per user - much, much lower than most CRM providers.

Capterra also reviewed CRM products for user-friendliness. They did an experiment, measuring the amount of time it took users to perform seven common tasks.

In Kommo, it took around 25 seconds to:

  1. Create a lead
  2. Add a task to the lead card
  3. Add a note to the lead card
  4. Set a reminder to follow up with the lead
  5. Change the lead’s status to the next stage in the pipeline
  6. Upload a document to the lead card
  7. Generate a report

But speed isn’t everything. They also considered the user’s experience with customer service, which was measured in terms of implementation resources, training resources, and support resources. With 33% in each category, Kommo performed just as well as the companies at the top of the rankings. Lastly, Capterra took real customer reviews into account, gathering them from all Gartner Digital Markets (Capterra, Get App, and Software Advice).

Capterra Awards Recognize Kommo

We’re honored to have made the cut. Our team is working hard to make Kommo even better! How do you think we’re doing?

Head on over to Capterra and give your review on Kommo.

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