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9 effective ways to grow your email list

July 17, 2020

6 min.

Unquestionably, email marketing is highly important these days because of its huge reach. Currently, there are as many as 3.9 billion email users, which is half the global population. So, the bigger your email list grows, the more people will know about your company. Consequently, the more potential customers you’ll get. That’s how important it is for your business to grow your email list!

While there are lots of different ways to collect emails for your marketing campaigns, you’re only interested in the most effective ones, huh? In this article, we’ll share with you the win-win strategies to grow your email list really fast and without much effort. Ready for skyrocketing results?

Grow your email list


Create lead magnets to get more emails

The first and foremost thing you need to understand is, people don’t just navigate the web and leave their emails here and there. Because no one likes spam and stalking in their emails. So you really need to persuade your visitors that you have something valuable to offer. In exchange for their emails. That’s what basically lead magnets serve for.

Lead magnet is a piece of really useful content to offer your visitors. It can be anything from a checklist to ebook. You can also make posters to present information in a visually appealing and fun way. There are many worthy ideas to consider as the lead magnet. Just make sure it really has value. And offer it for free. Well, almost for free. In exchange for the email. They need to enter it in order to download your offer. Here’s an example of a really great lead magnet.

Once you provide anything useful for free, no doubt, people will eagerly leave you their emails. Because for them that’s quite a small price to pay for something they need. Just use the right hooks! And never fail your customers. Always give them what you’ve promised. So, make sure your lead magnet is truly worthy!

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Collect emails from your sign-up forms

For some reason, website owners tend to underestimate the importance of sign-up forms. It’s a huge mistake though. In fact, sign-up forms can bring you lots of hot leads. Because these are the customers who are already interested in your services. So their emails are exceptionally precious for you.

With sign-up forms, you can easily collect emails from anyone who visits your website. Make sure that your visitors really need what you offer them upon signing up. For example, If you have a paid service – offer them to sign up for a free trial. As a result, you’ll get the emails list of people who have already tried your service and might be ready to make a purchase.

To achieve better results, we recommend placing several sign-up forms on your site. We recommend combining your sign-up forms with pop-ups and sidebars. That’s how more people will leave you their email without getting annoyed.

Exchange emails into blog subscription

Do you have any idea how many people come across your blog posts while surfing the web? How high are the chances that they read your blog without being aware of your company? High enough. In fact, that’s the reason why blogging is so very effective when it comes to your brand promotion. And it’s no less effective when it comes to growing your email list.

All you need is simply add the button to let people subscribe for your blog. This tactic works best if you create really useful content in your blog. In this case, people will eagerly leave their emails to stay tuned for your new articles. Simply add the ‘subscribe’ button on the top of your blog.

To make it work even better, there’s a more advanced way. Identify the articles that bring you many visitors, and add there pop-ups with the invitation to subscribe to your blog. What’s cool about pop-ups, you can specify the parameters when you want to show it.

At best, let your visitors read at least half the article before suggesting them to subscribe. That’s how you filter out the more interested customers who are more likely to be interested in your services.

Use gated offers to enlarge your email list

Here is another amazing way to fish out emails from your blog readers. Use gated articles. This email list building strategy is very easy and works effectively. In fact, it’s quite similar to lead magnets, but requires less effort. Your visitor is already interested in reading your blog post. Just ask to provide the email to proceed.

To achieve the best results, post the links to your gated articles on different social media. We recommend Facebook or LinkedIn. That’s where you’ll get the most engagement from the interested audience. It also makes sense to use ads to promote your gated articles.

Suggest bonus content to grow email list

This strategy is quite similar to gated offers and lead magnets. Yet it works slightly differently. In this case, you need to provide free content first. It can be your blog post or anything else on your site. Once your visitor is interested, offer your bonus content with advanced tips. The access is available only upon the email, of course.

Evidently, not everyone will want your bonus content. For some visitors, the info you provide is valuable enough and they don’t want anything advanced. However, the ones who will leave the email make really valuable leads for your business.

Boost your email list with customer feedback

Indeed, it’s quite a cunning strategy, but it really works! Everyone values good service. So, your customers will be over the moon to help you improve yours! Just ask for their feedback. What they like and what they lack in your service? To send their reviews, they need to indicate their name and email. Voilà! What an easy way to grow your email list, huh?

This way, not only will you grow your email list, but will also improve your business. Because customer reviews help to get a better understanding of how user-friendly and helpful your service is. With this understanding, it’s much easier for you to move forward!

Boost your email list with customer feedback

Host online webinars to increase your email list

Nowadays, it’s quite trendy to host webinars for business promotion. On webinars, you can talk about industry and solve your customers’ pains. What you can also do thanks to webinars is to grow your email list.

All you need is to think of a webinar you can make. No doubt, there are so many different topics in your niche to cover. Choose the most relevant for your target audience, and go for it. Here’s the best part. Ask people to leave their email in order to get registered to your webinar. What an easy-peasy way, huh?

Increase your email list with offline events

No matter what industry you’re in, there are lots of offline events you can take part in – conferences, seminars, meetups, trade shows, hackathons, webinars, workshops etc. Host your own event and register people using their emails. Basically, this strategy is quite similar to online webinars, but it requires more time and effort.

Create network to grow your email list

Do you have any idea who your best promoters are? Your customers! The ones who are happy with your service and want to recommend it to others. That’s why referral programs matter so much. And you can employ quite a similar tactic to grow your email list.

You certainly have social shares buttons on your website and in your emails, huh? What about adding an “Email to a Friend” button? That’s how you can encourage your visitors to share and forward your emails to their friends.


As you can see, there are many effective ways to grow your email list. Try them all to figure out which ones work best for your business. But remember… Whichever way you choose, the best place on the web to hook your customers is your site.

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