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Unlimited SMS with up to 1000 characters using a business number

RingCentral SMS Integration

The RingCentral SMS integration adds new features in your account:

  • Send out SMS messages from Kommo;
  • Automate SMS in the Digital Pipeline (Advanced plan);
  • Messages are saved in the lead card.

❤️ Why do Kommo users love RingCentral SMS?

With RingCentral SMS you can send unlimited text and multimedia messages to your clients using a business number. Send text-only or multimedia SMS with up to 1000 characters.

❤️ Why do RingCentral SMS users love Kommo?

Kommo lets RingCentral users unleash the full potential of SMS. Structure, automate and keep all of your communication with customers in one place.

RingCentral SMS and Kommo - better together 🤜🤛

When combined, Kommo and RingCentral transform SMS into an amazing follow up tool for businesses. You can even automate the process and let Kommo send out SMS for you. 😎

💡 Cool ways to use RingCentral SMS and Kommo

The RingCentral integration adds SMS to your Kommo communication arsenal. Send SMS manually from inside the lead card, or set up an automation in the Digital Pipeline and unlock an amazing follow-up tool. To send an SMS click on a phone number inside a lead card and select RingCentral SMS. You will be able to write the message in the text box. For Kommo users who have an Advanced or Enterprise plan subscription, there is a possibility to add SMS templates and send out automated messages. Let Kommo do all of the follow-up work for you 🧐

How to connect RingCentral SMS 🔌

The RingCentral SMS integration is built-in and designed by the Kommo team. During installation, all you've got to do is authorize the connection and select the number which you would like to use.

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Available on all plans
  • RingCentral account