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Management of income and expenses in a lead

Payer Integration

The Payer integration introduces new features to your account, including:

  • Planning and controlling customer payments within a lead.
  • Viewing the cash receipt dynamics on the calendar.
  • Tracking payment delays and evaluating employee performance.
  • Automatically generating tasks to manage the process.
  • Controlling the company's cash flow.

❤️Why do Kommo users love Payer?

Payments constitute a fundamental aspect of any business, but their punctuality isn't guaranteed. Payer addresses this issue effectively; with it, you won't overlook a single payment, enabling the achievement of all your financial plans.

❤️Why do Payer users love Kommo?

Kommo serves as an exceptional tool for operating any business and managing customer interactions. Its CRM system contributes to both initial sales growth and increased repeat sales, while Payer facilitates managerial oversight of timely payments.

Payer and Kommo – better together🤜🤛

Combine Kommo and Payer for a seamless and productive business operation! Their synergy enhances sales effectiveness and eradicates issues linked to delayed payments.

💡Cool ways to use Payer and Kommo

Incorporate planned payments into leads as their due dates approach. This integration will establish tasks and reminders for managers to review upcoming payments. Should a payment encounter difficulties, Payer will provide reminders and highlight the event in red on the calendar.

How to connect Payer🔌

Install the app within Kommo to gain access to a two-week trial period. Subsequently, task adjustments are all that's required. Voilà! The widget is primed for operation!

⚒️What do you need?

  • Payer account
  • Kommo account
  • Kommo Base plan