OnlinePBX Integration

What is onlinePBX? 🔍

Telephony for your business with a free integration in any CRM, in the profile you get a full call statistics, real-time calls dashboard, autodialer, service quality score, setting up the incoming calls logic, and a callback-widget.

Who's onlinePBX for? 🎯

IT & Software.

onlinePBX use-cases 💡

  • Add telephony so that you can save missed calls and get back to your customers at a convenient time;
  • Set up an automatic voice greeting which will let your customers know they have reached your company's telephone number and give them some important first info;
  • You can set up rules for incoming calls which will automatically transfer them to the responsible manager or department.

Why use onlinePBX and Kommo? 🤜🤛

onlinePBX can be fully integrated with Kommo:

  • Automatic creation of contacts and lead cards
  • Transfer of calls to the responsible manager
  • Call logs are saved and can be replayed in the lead card
  • Make a call in one click
  • Lead card automatically shows up during an incoming call