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Integrate seamless SMS into your business process, ensuring smooth communication with clients and potential clients at every stage.

Fromni Integration

The Fromni integration enhances your account with these new features:

  • Send automatic SMS based on events in the Digital Pipeline.
  • Send SMS manually from lead, contact, or company cards.
  • Send mass SMS campaigns to phone numbers on lead cards for contacts or companies.

❤️Why do Kommo users love Fromni?

Kommo users love our app because it makes sending SMS to clients easy. It's a valuable tool that helps them communicate effortlessly with customers at every stage.

❤️Why Fromni users love Kommo?

Fromni users love Kommo because it’s their CRM, keeping all important customer information in one place, including SMS communications managed through our Fromni app.

Why Kommo and Fromni are better together?🤜🤛

Combining Kommo's client management features with Fromni's SMS integration offers clients new opportunities for efficient communication and enhanced customer engagement. With this integration, you can automate SMS sending based on Digital Pipeline events, send manual SMS directly from client cards, and execute mass SMS campaigns effortlessly. This powerful combination helps streamline sales processes, improve customer interactions, and ultimately drive business growth.

💡Cool ways to use Fromni and Kommo

The Fromni integration allows you to automate various tasks, such as sending SMS based on Digital Pipeline events or running mass SMS campaigns with ease. Let the integration do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business.

How to connect Fromni🔌

To connect Fromni with Kommo, ensure you have a Fromni account first. Then, in your Kommo account, go to Settings > Integrations and select SMS delivery worldwide. Install the integration and enter the secret key from your Fromni account. Once connected, the widget will display your balance and login status in the Fromni system. You can now use the widget in your Digital Pipeline or start mass messaging. For more guidance, check our help center instructions.

⚒️What do you need?

  • Kommo Base plan or higher
  • Fromni account