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Creating standard documents based on templates

Folder Integration

The Folder integration adds new features to your account:

  • Freeing up space in Kommo
  • Saving files from chats
  • Editing documents in Kommo
  • Access to view files
  • Everything is at hand

❤️Why do Kommo users love Folder?

The widget integrates the Google Drive service with Kommo, allowing you to attach files to cards using a Google account. By doing this, it saves a limited amount of memory in the CRM system.

❤️Why do Folder users love Kommo?

Kommo is a great tool for running any business and working with a customer base. The CRM system helps both to raise initial sales and to increase repeat sales. The Folder widget will help you organize all your client files without taking up space.

Folder and Kommo – better together🤜🤛

The Folder widget helps to organize all your client files, meaning they’re ready to use any time they’re needed by the client or your employees.

💡Cool ways to use Folder and Kommo

Upload a template for an invoice, contract, or act. Managers then only need to fill out a customer card. With the widget, the data will be pulled up automatically from the fields of the card. All documents from all related leads can be viewed easily in one place - the client card.

How to connect Payer🔌

Install the app within Kommo to gain access to a two-week trial period. In the widget settings, you can connect a Google account, as well as create a ready-made template by configuring the necessary fields of contacts and leads. Voilà! The widget is ready to go!

⚒️What do you need?

  • Kommo Base plan
  • Google account