CallGear Integration

What is CallGear? 🔍

CallGear is an online service that shows where your phone leads come from. Understand lead quality and compare the efficiency of different marketing sources. Monitor your metrics in simple-to-use dashboards or integrate CallGear with other analytic tools.

Who's CallGear for? 🎯

Consulting & professional training, Real estate, car dealerships.

CallGear use cases 💡

  • Apply call tracking to your website and see which keywords visitors use before they land on your webpage;
  • Add a call-back widget to your website and help your website visitors engage with you by requesting an automated callback;
  • Save money by using CallGear Virtual PBX instead of traditional GSM telephony and create your own IVR, call routing scenarios and much more.

Why use CallGear and Kommo? 🤜🤛

After connecting CallGear, all calls and/or inquiries may create lead cards automatically. Moreover, after a manager is assigned to a lead, the next interaction will be automatically routed to that manager. CallGear also transfers marketing data, such as UTM tags, lead source, call recordings, etc. You can even call out right from Kommo using CallGear.