Asterisk-connector Itgrix Integration

The Asterisk-connector integration adds new features to your account:

  • Automatically create new contacts
  • Make calls in Kommo CRM
  • Automatically assign calls to the responsible users
  • Log of missed calls
  • Distribute calls through the sales funnel
  • One-click calling from Kommo CRM
  • Pop-up call card
  • Call analysis

❤️ Why do Kommo users love Asterisk-connector?

Itgrix is a reliable tool for integrating Asterisk telephony with Kommo CRM. It provides automatic call recording and one-click calling from a contact card. This creates a powerful synergy between the two systems. Over 500 companies in 22 countries worldwide have already recognized and embraced the benefits of Itgrix.

❤️ Why do Asterisk- connector users love Kommo?

Kommo understands the importance of sales processes, which is why it allows seamless integration with complementary tools like Itgrix to enhance the user experience.

This enables managers to listen to call recordings directly within the CRM, receive reminders for missed calls, and customize call scripts.

Asterisk-connector and Kommo – better together 🤜🤛

Kommo and Asterisk are impressive tools on their own. Itgrix combines and enhances their strengths, leveraging the advantages of telephony within CRM and automating most call-related actions. This includes automatically creating tasks for missed calls, creating new contacts for new subscribers, and more.

💡 Cool ways to use Asterisk-connector and Kommo

As well as the standard functionality described above, Itgrix offers a range of customizations. These give you the power to tailor the interaction between telephony and CRM to suit your company’s specific needs. For example, you can set up blacklists and whitelists for trunks, automatically format phone numbers before sending them to the CRM, or add the trunk name to the deal tag.

How to connect Asterisk-connector 🔌

Go to Settings > Integrations > search for Itgrix > click Install. Check Show call card and Use our click-to-call server.

Then, visit the setup page by clicking Installing Kommo. Next, install the Itgrix module through the link on the setup page. Set a login and password for the module and access the module’s admin panel.

Fill in the information for each tab in the admin panel, and connect your Kommo account. When you have completed this part of the setup, click Finish.

You will be redirected to the Business logic settings. Here you can add the phone numbers of the users in your account. You can also edit the other settings on the page. Click Save on each page when you’re done.

⚒️ What do you need?

  • Any Asterisk 13.0 and above
  • AMI enabled and configured in Asterisk
  • Call logging (writing call data to the MySQL table “CEL”) enabled in Asterisk
  • You can find the rest of the system requirements here (