Verified Quality Seal: Why is Kommo the best CRM for startups?

July 9, 2015

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It can be hard to say what is the best CRM for startups, but we can make data-based suppositions. When we look at the data on FinancesOnline, we can bet that Kommo is the best startup CRM (or at least, one of them).

FinanceOnline is a website that gives detailed reports about lots of softwares and programs, including CRM for small businesses 💻. These reviews are based on the functions and benefits of the programs, as well as consumers' opinions. It made Kommo reviews, and it showed awesome results.

If you have a startup, and want to find a CRM to convert leads and visitors into clients and make real sales 🚀, you should consider using Kommo.

On this article, you will see 👇

Is Kommo the Best CRM for Startups?

In view of the benefits below, you can consider Kommo the Best CRM for Startups.According to the FinancesOnline, Kommo achieved 5 stars (the max score), user satisfaction of 100%, scored 8.8 (higher than its competitors), has all the tools needed to solve its clients needs, and, also, a lower cost.

If you have a startup and want to convert your leads into sales 🚀, choosing Kommo will be an excellent decision.

Simple to use

A feature of a CRM software for small businesses is being simple to use. Complex graphics, tools that you delay to understand, no pipeline, complex integration, datas everywhere…only makes things worse.

Kommo has a simple dashboard, intuitive reports and shows relevant datas on an organized way. FinancesOnline noted it when said that Kommo is “Intuitive and easy-to-use interface”.

📚 An intuitive dashboard can improves your team’s productivity. If you want to know more about it, check our article Lead Conversion: Stop burning marketing budget without sales.

Lots of useful functions

When we think that something is simple and easy to use, it’s common for us to think: “Well, it probably has only a few functions, it won’t be useful to me 🤔.” Right? Well, this can be true for many CRM systems, but for Kommo, absolutely not.

On the Kommo reviews, FinancesOnline listed lots of useful functions for this software, like Task management, email marketing, multiple digital pipeline, automated messages, custom web-forms creation, unified communication with clients and partners, smart notifications, one-click dialing…in other words, everything you need to improve your business 📈.

Multiple Kommo Integrations

Another useful feature on Kommo is the multiple integrations. Many startups work with lots of softwares and programs, like Wordpress, RD Station, MailChimp, Active Campaign, WhatsApp Business, Zenvia, Slack and others and others (the list is simply giant).

In Kommo integrations, it’s possible to integrate all those tools and much. It’s possible, for example:

  • Send a message to a lead through WhatsApp.
  • Save a contact’s email directly to your MailChimp account.
  • Send leads from your Wordpress and RD Station forms to Kommo pipeline.
  • Integrate with Google Calendar to add tasks directly.
  • Manage SMS integrating Kommo with Twilio and RingCentral.
  • Integrate your message platforms both in Slack and Kommo.

If I make a list with all the possible integrations for Kommo, probably it would be a giant list 😄. Every startup needs a CRM software for small businesses, and it’s even better when this CRM integrates with lots of useful softwares.

In summary, Kommo is the best startup CRM

If you are looking for a CRM software for small business, you can trust on Kommo, based on the FinancesOnline report. As we could see, it’s possible to say that Kommo is the best CRM for startups because of the following functions:

  • Automated digital pipeline.
  • Dashboard intuitive and easy-to-use.
  • Integration with emails, social media, web-form, site and phone.
  • Has a 2 way email sync, on the system and your account.
  • Automated messages for leads nurturing.
  • Leads generation automatically.
  • Allows you to communicate with clients and partners in the same place.
  • Show datas about your team development.

📚 If you want to learn more about Kommo benefits, check our article CRM onboarding: Get started with Kommo.

What FinancesOnline Is?

FinancesOnline is the fastest growing software review platform (visited by 240K people looking for B2B & SaaS solutions every month 🧐) with more and 11k detailed reviews about workflow systems, management tools, accounting softwares, and also, CRM software for small businesses and big companies.

How does it works

It judges the functions, features, prices and benefits 🧑‍⚖. All this review results in a detailed report with a score of points (from 0 to 10) and stars (from 1 to 5) and also with customer evaluations.

Kommo reviews summary

This site has conducted an in-depth Kommo, and the results show the software quality. We will tell more in details, but in summary, Kommo reviews are:

  • Score of 8.8 (from 0 to 10).
  • Five stars (from 1 to 5).
  • 37 Positive Social Media Mentions.
  • 0 Negative Social Media Mentions.
  • 12 user reviews, most of them positive.
  • Evaluation higher when compared with its competitors.
  • Expert’s choice award.
  • Great user experience award.

Verified Quality: Kommo can the best startup CRM for you

The results are something to be proud of: Kommo reviews resulted with a high score: high 8.8 on FinancesOnline scale and was awarded a Verified Quality Seal as a guarantee of our product’s quality 🏆. In other words, Kommo can be the best startup CRM for your business.

Kommo as a CRM software for small businesses?

FinancesOnline experts especially pointed out that Kommo met their quality standards and had great potential as a CRM software for small businesses. The review outlines the biggest benefits of Kommo, the most outstanding of which is a smart compromise of simplicity and usability.

“We’ve examined many similar products in the past, but Kommo really has lots of potential and stands out from your competitors. What I like about it most is that it’s very intuitive and provides excellent user experience”.

📚 A CRM can be very useful for medium and small businesses. You can learn more about in our article How small and medium businesses can benefit from a CRM

Reviews over the integrations

When someone searches for the best CRM for startups, the integrations are essential. The report goes on to mention services that can be integrated into Kommo - Integration with a wide range of useful services such as file storages, hosted PBX, that allow users to make and receive phone calls straight from CRM interface, and email services that allow for widespread distribution of information among the customers.

👉 Applications for Android and iOS contribute to Kommo mobility and provide for an opportunity to work anywhere with internet connection. The report concludes:

“To sum it up, Kommo saves time and earns money for its users by being simple, mobile and easy to integrate”

Useful for data analysis

In addition to being simple and user-friendly Kommo also provides a solution for data analysis:

“For these purposes, Kommo offers convenient and flexible display of analyzed data, such as sales pipeline graph (including calculations of sales conversion), future sales forecast, employees’ KPI (key performance indicator), etc. All these features facilitate the working process of sales department staff and senior managers.”

Powerful API

The experts also point out the flexibility of Kommo through its powerful API that can be modified for any task and it also represents a good choice for both small private companies and large corporations.

During the course of this review, FinancesOnline also conducted a research of Customer Satisfaction based on positive and negative social mentions of the product. Kommo was granted 100% User Satisfaction meaning that real people and companies are actually satisfied with Kommo.

The report also gives a brief review of Kommo features, shows the pricing and provides a snapshot of its Technical details. Full report is available at the link

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