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Overcoming Lead Card Anxiety

November 22, 2016

3 min.

Classic sales models had reps delivering a perfected one-size-fits-all pitch (and it was usually product-centric). Nowadays, the sales paradigm emphasizes a custom-tailored approach with the goal to meet a customer’s particular needs. That means sales strategies require gathering knowledge and preparing for each lead individually. Most sales reps are great at collecting the information that gives their pitch the personal touch, but they have major trouble organizing this info so it’s ready when they need it.

group fields

Gathering the intel is one thing, organizing it for effective use is another thing entirely.

Have you ever opened up a lead card and realized that the vital information you need for your next call is buried somewhere in your many notes? Or perhaps you tried to avoid this scenario by adding custom fields so that information would be immediately visible, but then there were so many fields that they got overwhelming? We’ve just developed a feature to overcome lead card anxiety and information overload.

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Custom Groups Feature

With custom groups you can group fields logically under the categories that you designate. Don’t need to see these fields? Just collapse them.

group fields in the card

You can add custom groups for fields to cards for contacts, leads or companies.

Just go to Settings > Fields, and then click on “Add group”. Name the group, and drag it above the fields that you want it to contain. That’s all it takes!

Adding groups is not only for organizing your monstrosity of notes. You can use it in all kinds of creative ways. Here are some ideas for how to use custom groups to make sure you’re more than prepared for every interaction.

Add a personal info group

If you’re a fan of the relationship building approach to sales, you’ll want all those lead’s details that you’ve worked hard to squeeze out to be immediately visible. Birthday, if they have kids, hobbies, favorite sports teams, you name it - put it in a personal info group to get rapport-building on track.

Tip: There’s already a built-in birthday field that can alert you before an upcoming birthday or company anniversary.

Simply go to Settings > Fields > Add field, and in the dropdown menu select “Birthday” and then choose when you would like to be notified.

built-in field

Add a sales intelligence group

Do you find out your leads’ pain points? What about asking them if they are currently using a competitor, and which one? Are you recording this information in custom fields? This kind of intel is valuable! Not only does it help you during communications, with this information in the database, you can filter and sort leads by incredibly meaningful variables. Then you can take actions such as creating campaigns that target leads who have a particular pain point. Or monitoring and responding to your competition news.

Tip: You can add a custom field to the columns for quick sorting by a certain variable or use smart filtering to display on the results with that variable. For example, I could sort the list by business size or I could use the filter to display only medium businesses. To do add and rearrange columns, just go to List view > List settings.

Add a pitch angle group

Surely you don’t use the same pitch for every client. Not only do you need to address your customer’s particular pain points, it is also important to understand that different segments can be looking for completely different benefits and features. For example, an architecture firm discussing a project to build a pre-school should completely tailor their argument for that client’s interest - they wouldn’t pitch it like their last project for a college visitor’s center. They would emphasize their commitment to safety, areas for play and activities, sensitivity to the size of small children, etc. They wouldn’t design it the same, so why should they sell it the same? You can add a group for pitch angle that contains fields to help guide your sales team effectively discuss that lead’s individual needs.

Use Fields Sparingly

We don’t recommend overloading your lead cards. Even when the information is well-organized, if a sales rep has too much to look at, it’s an obstacle, not an asset. The goal is making a sale and gaining a loyal customer who will continue to buy. Accomplishing this takes cleverness and quick thinking, which is impossible if you’re bogged down in too much information or have lead card anxiety. What we encourage is to use these ideas to start your own brainstorm: investigate which pieces of knowledge your team needs to sell more effectively. Declutter and organize first before you build something new.

Do you already have something in mind?

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