Fresh Additions to Kommo Features - What’s New?

April 19, 2019

3 min.

Another spring, another update to Kommo’s impressive arsenal of features. This time we’ve dedicated our efforts to introduce features requested by you, our beloved customers! So, what’s new?

Instagram integration has arrived!

The first newcomer on the list, and rightfully so! Rejoice everyone with an audience of Instagrammers, connecting with your clients and fans is now easier than ever. This awesome integration is capable of sending and receiving Instagram Direct Messages within the CRM.

Kommo new sales pippeline

You no longer have to keep separate tabs open in order to keep up with the conversation - it’s all in one place. There’s more to it than just chatting - you can automate the whole thing now! Just like any other messenger communication channel, Instagram messages can be managed by our easy-to-build Salesbot, and that opens a whole new field of possibilities for your business.

Real-time interface updating

Our system already supports live updating of leads in the pipelines, meaning you don’t have to refresh the page to see the changes made by other sales managers. This time we’ve taken it even further. Information within the fields of lead cards is now updated automatically.

Kommo new lead card

It’s a small quality of life improvement, but we’re proud of it nonetheless. We aim to make the whole system update live eventually, and this is yet another step to this goal.

Enhanced Activity log

Using a CRM is an action-heavy activity, and for you as a CEO or a sales manager, it’s important to keep track of everything that happens within the system. We’ve updated our all-seeing Activity log to make your experience even smoother. You can now create filters to save your search queries. No more need to select filters every time you want to find particular events for certain sales managers. Select the filter and see what’s up immediately.

Precise user roles

As one of the most popular requests from our customers, user roles received some more flexibility. Now, instead of having to set up the user roles for each new member manually, you can create a template with pre-defined user roles (e.g. sales representative, key account manager, etc) and assign to any given user on the account.

Kommo profile permissions

What’s more, in addition to restricting access to pipelines, you can limit access to selected pipeline stages. When security is concerned, there is no such thing as too much precision.

Updated calendar

The calendar and tasks are now much more customizable. Bring some colors to the mix - now you can select new icons for task types and assign specific colors to them.

Kommo new tasks organization

The tasks can also be set for a period of time, e.g from 4 pm to 6 pm. You and your managers will have a much better idea of time frames within your schedule.

Customizable dashboard

Our awesome dashboard is now even more awesome. You can say it got fresher with spring. Apart from the new good looking change to visualization, you can now easily create your own dashboard widgets with desirable data.

Kommo new dashboard and stats

Configure what you want to see, and how you want it to look. In other words, highlight what is important to you. Every user of the account can now have a personal dashboard and have a quick overview of all the important data.

There’s more to that, as always

Bug fixes, tiny quality of life improvements, new frameworks for something much bigger for the next time...Kommo never stops improving, thanks to the amazing feedback from customers like you. You rock, people! Thank you.

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