CRM adoption case study: Sensato + Kommo

December 19, 2019

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The company

For over six years, Sensato Cybersecurity Solutions has walked a different path than other security firms. While their peers focus on catching the typical “bad guy” hackers, the New Jersey firm has a different idea of today’s most critical risks.

“The cybersecurity threat goes well beyond data,” says Sensato’s founder and CEO, John Gomez (LinkedIn). Instead, the company focuses on the attackers that target infrastructures and healthcare. Under his leadership, the company has partnered with numerous NGOs and government organizations, bagging the award for Top 500 Most Innovative Cybersecurity Companies in the World.


The problem

As the company grew, Sensato’s management knew they needed to simplify workflows in order to keep their momentum. That’s when they began searching for a CRM — a search that turned out to be more time-consuming than expected.

“We looked at well over a dozen CRMs, and actually had deployed SalesForce and Bpm’online at one point,” said John Gomez, Sensato’s founder and CEO.

“Kommo is a tool that our team actually enjoys...”

But even though John thought he had found the right tools, the team wasn’t on board with the CRMs he selected. “You can deploy the most expensive CRM in the world, with a ton of fancy bells, whistles, and widgets,” he explains, “but if you have to fight with your teams to use it, you just end up creating frustration and cultural challenges.”

And John’s not alone — it turns out that CRM user adoption is one of the biggest challenges that sales teams face in their search for the right customer relationship management tool. Less than 47% of businesses have a CRM adoption rate over 90%.

Overcoming the CRM adoption problem

CRM adoption is critical because it directly affects return on investment — after all, there’s no way to justify the expense if no one on the team is using it. That’s especially crucial for small businesses like Sensato.

So after abandoning other CRMs that didn’t fit the team’s daily needs, the search was back on.

Luckily, Sensato stumbled onto Kommo.

“From our very first glimpse of Kommo, we were able to see how it would positively impact our business.”

Whether it was the gut instinct or not, Gomez instantly knew that it was the right choice: “From our very first glimpse of Kommo, we were able to see how it would positively impact our business. Ultimately the ability to see immediate value is one of the key reasons we selected Kommo,” he recalled.

How CRM adoption became a solution

Today, Sensato’s CRM adoption problem is a thing of the past.

“Kommo is a tool that our team actually enjoys, and since its adoption, we didn’t even have to enforce or encourage it to be used. It was organically and quickly adopted,” says John.

It all comes down to whether or not a tool can bring your company together, and according to John, Kommo did:

“Kommo created the opportunity for meaningful collaboration and conversation. In using other CRMs, the humanity and nuances of our deals got lost. It gave us the ability to focus on what matters, cut away complexity and have deep conversations related to sales strategy and plans in a meaningful manner. Kommo was also something people wanted to use, which is critical.”

The result

CRM adoption is critical, but choosing the right CRM is not just about having software your team likes — a good CRM should also improve sales, which is exactly what Sensato saw.

“We wanted something that could truly impact our business,” says John. “After implementing Kommo, we immediately had meaningful insights into our deals that led to meaningful strategies. We have seen our ability to track business and create high-quality client engagements vastly improve. Most importantly we also are able to anticipate when things are not moving forward or falling behind.”

“After implementing Kommo, we immediately had meaningful insights into our deals that led to meaningful strategies.”

Now, as Sensato continues to protect the world’s data from dangerous hackers, their team is only growing stronger. “From a management perspective, Kommo has helped us become coaches and mentors to our teams as opposed to just managers,” says John.

We couldn’t be prouder to be part of their story.

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