CompareCamp Gives Kommo Two Awards!

July 20, 2018

1 min.

A leading business software review website recently reviewed Kommo, giving us high marks with two major recognitions: the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star of 2018 Award!

The B2B review team at CompareCamp has tried and tested Kommo to conduct their review, using the following metrics.

Scoring high marks in all metrics, CompareCamp highlights Kommo’s interface: “Kommo stands out among the competition because of its easy usability.” One of the main features small businesses look for in their CRM is the usability of its UI. That’s why Kommo was developed to pack a full-fledged CRM yet have a sleek and ready-to-use interface.

CompareCamp’s review indicates that Kommo gives teams all the necessary tools to improve their sales process, whether it’s collaboration, integrations, reports, lead grabbing, or Kommo’s Digital Pipeline that automates day-to-day tasks. And in case you still want support, CompareCamp highlights our customer-first approach, providing teams with full support from both our customer service specialists and developers — Kommo’s customer support will help you with anything you might need.

Thank you CompareCamp for honoring us with two awards! Have you tried Kommo? Write about your experience with Kommo down in the comments below.

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