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Clients, Companies and Leads

ALL Leads

Your whole workforce—not only your sales team—keeps in touch with clients. So storing and managing contact information in one easily accessible place is crucial for transparency and decision making. With Kommo, all calls, emails, leads and sales opportunities are readily accessible in a single location. That way, there’s no waiting around for the latest information—it’s already at your fingertips.

Custom Tags

Your Own
Tag system

Tags help you classify clients using flexible categories, such as “priority leads” or "first time buyers”. With tags in place, you can filter by groups of clients, bulk edit and even export them. In Digital Pipeline, you can also set up specific automation sequences for leads with particular tags.

Lead Grabbing

Round up
Each & Every
New Lead

When leads are scattered through your email, phone, and social accounts, it’s essential to get them in the pipeline asap. Kommo integrates with all your favorite apps to grab every lead automatically, saving you time and boosting your response speed.

Business Card Scanner

Business Cards
Into lead cards

Don’t waste time typing in the details from each business card. Use the handy card scanner in the Kommo mobile app to add client information to the database instantly. Now you can go boldly to conferences, accepting new business cards and knowing they’ll make it to your CRM.

It's free, easy to use, and available on Android and iOS.

Customizable Pipeline

Excellent Lead

Sales effectiveness means that your method for getting leads to purchase is measurable and repeatable. That’s why the sales pipeline is essential. It breaks down your process into key stages, giving you a full view of your buyer’s journey in real time. Drag and drop leads to progress them, or switch to list view for bulk editing. The pipeline is also customizable—add and rename stages, and if one pipeline’s not enough, make more!

Searchable Custom Fields

Add & Customize

All sales teams are unique—they have different clients, so they need different info in front of them when they pitch. That’s why Kommo lets you create custom fields. You can group them for easy visualization and filter by them for fast searching. Its an intuitive way to make sure your crucial data is classified just the way you need it.

Export and Import

Fast Data

Exchanging data between Kommo and other systems is easy: import contacts, companies leads, and even product lists. There’s a tool for ensuring that all your columns are sent to the right fields, and you can save it as a template too. Export is a snap too: get CSV or XLS files of leads, contacts and tasks too.

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