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Win-Loss Analysis

Adapt your strategy
based on realtime stats

The Win-Loss analysis lays out your team’s effectiveness right in front of you. Built from your sales data, this summary report displays the percentage of won and lost leads, average lead life-cycle, and even how fast your team responds to incoming leads. The analysis also highlights where you are losing leads most frequently, so you can adapt your strategy to maximize lead retention.

Consolidated Report

Be a fearless decision maker

The consolidated report helps decision makers keep a finger on the pulse of the sales department and set targets. It gives you a snapshot of your sales, displaying key distribution metrics like amount of leads per stage and amount of leads per sales rep. To put these numbers in context, there is also a graph that tracks changes over time. As with other reports, you can view data for different reps and teams, change the time period, and even filter by any field.

Activity Report & Log

Boost team efficiency

When you know the daily activities of your sales reps, you can pinpoint weak areas and give concrete instructions that boost performance. Kommo gives you two ways to see what your team is up to. The Activity Log is an ongoing interactive list of all user events. You can filter the list by time, type of event or user. If you want to see a certain rep’s or team’s actions in closer detail, check out the Activity Report. It gives you an overview of the kind of tasks they’ve created and finished over a selected period of time, as well as stats for other events like amount of contacts created.

Sales Forecasting

Data-Driven Planning

Smart sales strategies are based on real data. Kommo uses your current data to deliver sales forecasts that help you to predict future sales and plan strategically. The estimates are generated for the current month as well as other increments up to 60 days, predicting number of leads to be won and expected revenue.

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