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Built-in email parsing AUTO-FILL LEADS

Email is a powerful way to generate leads, but manually entering data from messages into the CRM is a nightmare. Not anymore. The new version of Kommo can transform emails into templates that extract vital info and fill in the lead card automatically. The built-in email parser is easy to use too — just create a template once, and watch fully-filled lead cards roll in.

Real-time interface VISIBLE CHANGES

No more refreshing the page to see your changes — now Kommo is automatically updated in real-time. You can see the results of your actions before your very eyes: create new leads, progress them through the pipeline and more instantaneously.


Maximize customer satisfaction with Kommo’s new tool for handling client requests. The Net Promoter Score feature gives you a transparent way of measuring the happiness and loyalty of your customers. Now whenever an issue is marked resolved, the customer is invited to evaluate the service they received. Negative ratings automatically notify the user of your choice, so you have a clear way of tracking employee effectiveness. Even better, with custom answer templates, your team can swiftly process requests the moment they come in.


Kommo’s new regular report feature gives you a full view of your department’s sales performance. Want to know how many leads were won this month or how much money you pulled in at the end of each week? All this and more is at your fingertips. You decide which data to receive and when to get it. And if you don’t want to wait, request a report right now via email or even Telegram.


If you thought Kommo was customizable before, just wait til you see it now! Our new super widgets have expanded the possibilities for improving your system. Add your own settings, partitions, lists, directories and even interfaces. You’ve got complete and total access to your data.

New tasks & calendar integration SYNC YOUR CALENDAR

The new version of Kommo introduces a readymade 2-way sync with Google Calendar. Create or update a task in Kommo, and it’ll be automatically added or modified in Google Calendar — and vice versa!

Dynamic Segmentation DIGITAL RETAIL

This version of Kommo introduces all new functionality in the Digital Customer Pipeline. With Dynamic Segmentation, you can now pass customers to different stages based on a variety of triggers. For example, you might send all those customers who have spent more than $500 to a certain stage to separate the big spenders from the penny pinchers. Another option might be to automatically send buyers to a new stage when they fill out a form. There are loads of options for making sure your customers are segmented, so you can hit them with the email blasts and text messages that are most likely to persuade.

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