Ninja Forms Integration

The Ninja Forms integration gives you the power to connect any Wordpress form to Kommo in less than 5 minutes.

What is Ninja Forms? 🔎

Ninja Forms offers highly customizable lead generation forms and an abundance of additional features beyond what standard forms offer, like conditional actions, code-less styling, and the ability to qualify/segment leads in the form.

❤️ Why Kommo users love Ninja Forms

You don’t need to be (or hire!) a professional web developer or designer to build the forms you need for your WordPress website. You can build beautiful, complex WordPress forms like a pro with Ninja Forms’ beginner-friendly drag and drop form builder. No code required.

❤️ Why Ninja Forms users love Kommo

Build valuable relationships with potential and existing customers with Kommo. From a single app, you can nurture leads through the sales process, automate follow-ups and measure sales performance.

Ninja Forms and Kommo – better together 🤝

Transform web visitors into customers. Once a form has been submitted via Ninja Forms, you can instantly pass the baton to the sales team by automatically sending leads to your Kommo sales pipeline. This gives you the ability to connect with visitors while they’re still engaged.

Ninja Forms use-cases 💡

  • Turn your Wordpress website into a lead magnet and push warm potential customers to your sales team
  • Make back-and-forth paperwork easy: accept document upload via Ninja Forms
  • Use Ninja Forms at the end of the sales process to accept online payment through PayPal

How to connect Ninja Forms with Kommo 🔌

Start capturing form entries in Kommo in minutes with this integration built by Ninja Forms. For a step-by-step walkthrough, read the Ninja Forms documentation.