Tech Legion

Konsultasi CRM untuk bisnis kecil

Tech Legion is an on-demand technology services company that offers solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses and organizations achieve their business goals through technology.We offer customized and innovative solutions for the specific needs of each company. From software development to result-oriented marketing strategy, our mission is to provide the best possible service to our customers.Website Development, Sales Page Development, E-Commerce Development, App Development, Chatbot Development, Graphic Design, UX/UI Design, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Traffic Management, Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Bahasa yang didukung:

  • Inggris
  • Portugis

Wilayah yang dilayani:

  • Amerika Tengah & Selatan
  • Amerika Utara & Kanada

Layanan yang diberikan:

  • Implementasi dasar Kommo (untuk 1+ pengguna, RFP, dll.)
  • Implementasi kompleks Kommo (untuk 20+ pengguna, RFP, dll.)
  • Kustomisasi integrasi (pembayaran online, pesanan, dll.)
  • Konsultasi Marketing (Pengaturan ads, SEO, dan lainnya.)
  • Konsultasi Penjualan (alur kerja penjualan, perekrutan, pengaturan KPI, dll.)
  • Pengaturan Salesbot (AI, template chatbot, dll.)
  • Pengaturan aplikasi yang ada (Messengers, VoIP, SMS, dll.)
  • Integrasi WhatsApp (API/Twilio/Native)
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