Konsultasi CRM untuk bisnis kecil

Bytebio is a Digital Transformation and MarTech company, aiming to enhance business intelligence for companies through technology and marketing. Based in Ribeirão Preto/SP, Bytebio boasts over a decade of experience in consulting, marketing, development, and business analysis. The company is customer relationship-oriented, emphasizing the experience of Digital Transformation and MarTech, respecting organizational culture, and focusing on management, people, and technology.Bytebio is an official partner of Kommo in Brazil, a CRM platform that integrates messaging systems like WhatsApp, Instagram, and social networks. This partnership enables Bytebio to assist in building workflows, implementations, integrations in Kommo, as well as the acquisition and renewal of Kommo licenses.Furthermore, Bytebio specializes in Conversational Marketing and AI, utilizing ByteGPT, an AI that can answer any company-related question, providing instant and clear responses at any time of day. ByteGPT can

Bahasa yang didukung:

  • Inggris
  • Portugis
  • Spanyol

Wilayah yang dilayani:

  • Eropa, Timur Tengah dan Afrika
  • Amerika Tengah & Selatan
  • Amerika Utara & Kanada

Layanan yang diberikan:

  • Implementasi dasar Kommo (untuk 1+ pengguna, RFP, dll.)
  • Implementasi kompleks Kommo (untuk 20+ pengguna, RFP, dll.)
  • Kustomisasi integrasi (pembayaran online, pesanan, dll.)
  • Konsultasi Marketing (Pengaturan ads, SEO, dan lainnya.)
  • Konsultasi Penjualan (alur kerja penjualan, perekrutan, pengaturan KPI, dll.)
  • Pengaturan Salesbot (AI, template chatbot, dll.)
  • Pengaturan aplikasi yang ada (Messengers, VoIP, SMS, dll.)
  • Integrasi WhatsApp (API/Twilio/Native)
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