Alif Marketing Management LLC

Konsultasi CRM untuk bisnis kecil

Alif Marketing Agency enhances your business with tailored strategies that elevate your brand's appeal and ensure operational excellence. From distinctive branding and engaging web presence to dynamic social media management, we focus on your growth. Our targeted lead generation through SEO and PPC maximizes your market reach, turning prospects into profits. Embrace the future with our sales and business process automation, now featuring KommoCRM, to provide you with actionable insights and a clear path to strategic expansion. Choose Alif to empower your business with efficiency and cutting-edge solutions.

Bahasa yang didukung:

  • Inggris

Wilayah yang dilayani:

  • Eropa, Timur Tengah dan Afrika

Layanan yang diberikan:

  • Implementasi dasar Kommo (untuk 1+ pengguna, RFP, dll.)
  • Implementasi kompleks Kommo (untuk 20+ pengguna, RFP, dll.)
  • Kustomisasi integrasi (pembayaran online, pesanan, dll.)
  • Konsultasi Marketing (Pengaturan ads, SEO, dan lainnya.)
  • Konsultasi Penjualan (alur kerja penjualan, perekrutan, pengaturan KPI, dll.)
  • Pengaturan Salesbot (AI, template chatbot, dll.)
  • Pengaturan aplikasi yang ada (Messengers, VoIP, SMS, dll.)
  • Integrasi WhatsApp (API/Twilio/Native)
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