How to connect JivoChat

JivoChat is an all-in-one online chat that teams use to talk to customers everywhere: live chat, phone, email, and social. Quite a handy tool to connect to Kommo!

Getting started with JivoChat

Creation of JivoChat account

To install the live chat on your website, you will first need to complete the registration process at the JivoChat website.

Follow these steps to create an account:

  1. Enter the email address for the administrator account and create a password. This admin account will give you access to the control panel.foto
  2. Enter your name, website address (where the live chat will be installed), and telephone number (optional).foto
  3. At this stage, you can download the app for desktop or mobile platforms. You can also skip this step and install the app later from the Downloads page of JivoChat.foto
  4. This is the final stage of the registration process. Here you can copy the code to install JivoChat on your website or send it to the administrator of your website by email.You may want to check out JivoChat code installation tutorials for the most popular CMS (content management systems like WordPress).

When the registration process is finished, you can find the chat code again if needed. Click on “Install the code now” to view the installation code:


After JivoChat is installed on your website, you can start chatting with your clients using the browser version of JivoChat, or via the JivoChat app.

After the registration process, you will automatically receive a 14-day DEMO of the professional version of JivoChat. After the demo period ends, all the professional features will be deactivated, and the system will continue functioning with the free features only. You can upgrade to the professional version at any time.

Integrating JivoChat with Kommo

To integrate JivoChat with Kommo, please follow these steps

  1. Open your JivoChat account and click on Manage at the left-bottom side of the JivoChat interface.foto
  2. Click on Integrations at the left side of the screen and the menu will open.foto
  3. Choose Kommo to start the integration process, a modal window will openfoto
  4. Fill out the form with information.foto
  5. After everything is filled out, click “Connect”.

Here’s the short guide where to find everything to fill the form:

  • Kommo domain – enter the link to your Kommo account
  • Administrator’s email address – enter the email address of the administrator of Kommo account
  • API token – enter your API key from Kommo. You can find it in your Kommo account by clicking on your profile picture and then on the profile button.foto
  • Integration name – fill this out with the desired name for JivoChat and Kommo integration. This name is for your convenience only, and it will only be shown in JivoChat
  • Select channels for this integration – Select one or more JivoChat channels that you wish to integrate with Kommo

And with these simple steps, you’ll have working JivoChat integration with Kommo. After finishing chats in the JivoChat app, you will receive the client’s data and chat log directly in Kommo.

What to do if data and chat logs are not sent to Kommo

The main requirement for the integration to work properly with Kommo is the contact data of the client on JivoChat’s side. In the scenario where the fields «Name» and «Email» are not filled, Kommo will not receive data. Make sure to fill these fields out.

As an alternative, you can ask your clients for their contact data before beginning the dialogue. Here’s the steps to make that work:

  1. Go to “Manage” > “Channels” > “Settings” at the bottom of the channel namefoto
  2. Select «Contacts form» and set checkboxes on for “name” and “Email” at the bottom of the Contact form menu. Then, go to the section «Form fields» and set-up “When to ask for contacts” field to “Before chat”.foto

Do note: the main chunk of data will be sent after dialogue is finished. To make it happen, use the button “Finish Chat”. Otherwise, the data won’t be passed to Kommo.

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