Customers Automation

February 12, 2020

Manually creating customers each time you have first sale can be a bummer. That’s why we added automation in your Kommo account that will simplify the sales process and leave the the routine task for the automation. Your sales reps can then enjoy working with a new customer as a person, and worry less about the initial customer element in the account.

Create customer from Closed-won stage

When it comes to creating a customer, the simplest solution is to create a customer from the Closed-won stage.

To do so, you would open your Leads pipeline, go to Setup, then go to the settings in closed-won stage and you’ll see option “Create customer”. Here you will see two options: attach closed lead to an existing customer, or to create new a customer each time.


You will then click on setup and configure the information from fields that you would like to pass from the lead card to the new customer card, then click “Done” and just like that, all leads closed as won will now create a customer with information you set up.

Create customer Trigger

If closed-won is not quite the best fit, you also have the option to create a customer from other stages of your pipeline, no problem at all. For this use case, you will need to create a customer trigger. To setup this automation, just proceed to the Digital Pipeline stage where you want customer to be created from, and click on any of the empty spaces, then choose the “Create customer” trigger


You will then see a modal window open where you can set up the create customer options


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