VideoAsk Integration

What is VideoAsk? 🔍

Get more leads when you add a personal touch using VideoAsk. Just record what you want to ask others, then share your link or embed it on your website. It's that easy. People can respond to you via video, audio, text -- or simply book a meeting with you. VideoAsk: the easy way to have meaningful conversations at scale.

Who's VideoAsk for? 🎯

Professional services, Consulting & professional training, IT & Software.

VideoAsk use cases 💡

  • No one likes talking to robots. Make your chatbot more human by replacing it with a personal video of you
  • Your prospects are busy people. Grab their attention with a personalized video
  • Your leads expect a personalized but efficient experience. Let them self-segment in a more fun and engaging way

Why use VideoAsk and Kommo? 🤜🤛

  • Automatically create a lead as there is a new response in VideoAsk
  • Add a task or a note in Kommo with every new VideoAsk response

How to connect it 🔌

Integrate this software to Kommo with Zapier, a platform that connects over 2000 applications. Create your own customizable zaps with your favorite apps like this one, which is already available in Zapier!