SnapEngage Integration

The SnapEngage integration adds new features in your account:

  • Create new contacts from SnapEngage
  • Transcript of the SnapEngage chat is saved in the lead card

❤️ Why do Kommo users love SnapEngage?

SnapEngage business chats help you get more leads, respond faster and deliver a better customer experience with a conversation-friendly chat.

❤️ Why do SnapEngage users love Kommo?

Kommo is the world's first Messenger Based Sales CRM. With it, SnapEngage users can get the maximum value out of their chats. Grab leads and move them through the sales pipeline with Kommo's many automations and messenger features.

SnapEngage & Kommo — better together 🤜🤛

Grab new leads and keep all of your communication with your customers in one place. Communication with contacts will be reflected in the Kommo lead card as a transcript of the chat.

How to connect SnapEngage 🔌

To integrate SnapEngage you should copy URL from the Kommo integration page and paste them in SnapEngage. A detailed instruction can be found in your Kommo account Settings > Integrations > SnapEngage.

⚒️ What do you need?

To use this integration, you will need:

  • Kommo base plan or higher
  • SnapEngage account