Omniconvert Explore Integration

What is Omniconvert Explore? 🔍

Knowing and understanding Customer Value is important to any eCommerce focused on growth because Customer Value is the true indicator of your customer acquisition quality but at the same time is a clear indicator of your success in retaining and delighting your existing customers. Explore will empower you to understand, monitor and analyze your Customer Value so that you create personalized journeys meant to increase your Customer Retention and making smarter acquisitions.

Who's Omniconvert Explore for? 🎯


Omniconvert Explore use-cases 💡

You are sitting on a pile of data. With Explore, the data will make sense and you can soon find out who are your ideal customers and who are the ones that you are in danger of losing. Finding out which are your best and worst customers will empower your growth strategy and help you focus on delivering amazing customer experiences to your customers.

Why use Omniconvert Explore and Kommo? 🤜🤛

When you connect Explore you will gain access to insights about your customers' buying behavior and buying habits which can help you make smarter customer acquisitions targeting look-alike customers that fill the role of your Ideal Customer Profile in your current customer base.

How to connect it 🔌

Integrate this app to Kommo with Zapier. You can create your own zaps or use some of our pre-built Zap templates.