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10to8 Integration

What is 10to8? 🔍

10to8 is a booking calendar that allows prospects to book sales calls and demos with your sales team. Shorten the sales cycle by reducing the number of emails and touchpoints. Prospects can schedule a call with you whenever it works for them based on your availability. Once the appointment is booked, 10to8 will send out reminders so you can rest assured that the appointment happens.

Who is 10to8 for? 🎯

Independent retailers, Consulting & professional training, Financial and insurance.

10to8 use cases 💡

  • Allow prospects to book sales calls with you straight from your website or email signature;
  • Book in-store customer service and sales appointments to avoid long queues and bad customer experience;
  • Schedule internal meetings for your sales team or arrange cross-department catch-ups with marketing or other bits of the business.

Why use 10to8 and Kommo? 🤜🤛

  • Automatically set reminders informing you about the upcoming calls/meetings in Kommo
  • Create a new lead as you get a new booking scheduled
  • Update leads as a booking gets canceled

How to connect it 🔌

Integrate this software to Kommo with Zapier, a platform that connects over 2000 applications. Create your own customizable zaps with your favorite apps like this one, which is already available in Zapier!